Anonymous asked:
Hello! I just wanted to say how amazing and delicious all the food on your blog looks. it's so great! right now i'm actually recovering from ednos, and i'm looking for some really good healthy foods. do you have any ideas?? it'd be super great if you did. thank you!

Thank you sweetie!
In that case I recommend you to just scroll, scroll and scroll in my blog. :) I’m sure that can get you some inspiration!

onlymymemories asked:
I love your blog! It gave me so many new inspirations for different recpices - it's wonderful (:

That’s awesome :*

Anonymous asked:
This is the best food-tumblr I've ever seen! Keep it up!

Thanks! That makes me happy!

andyourdreamscome-true asked:
Thanks for this blog !! It seems so yummy

Thank you

lahoy asked:
your blog is perfect! love love

Thank you sweetie!

Anonymous asked:
can you tell me some good food, which contains much protein and as less as possible carbs instead of eggs?

Some great protein sources besides eggs is feta cheese, mozzarella, cottage cheese (all kind of cheese) fish, chicken, beef (all meat).

-for example.

purely-exposed asked:
Please post some more! .. and If you have any recipes they're appreciated!

I wiiiill! :)
I’m sorry it’s been a while since I posted recipes.. But my tumblr text box on posts won’t scroll up, - and it drives me crazy!!
Just so you know.. I want to post so many recipes here, but I just CAN’T!!! 

I don’t know how to fix this problem :[[[

mcmxciii-problems asked:
hey i just found your blog and i loved it :D any tips gain weight? i am really skinny :/

Thank you! Hm, all this delicious food in bigger portions! And some meal in between :)

lookatmebeingfit asked:
Me: I'm not hungry Goodmood-food*posts picture of delicious healthy food* Me: nevermind then.